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Metko custom fabricates quality metallic fuel tanks, hydraulic or hydrostatic reservoirs, and radiator expansion tanks for the transportation industry. In over 50 years of business, we have developed a strong reputation for excellent quality; less than one percent of our tanks have ever leaked. In fact, we were even praised by a client of ours because the fuel tank we fabricated for them survived being tossed by a tornado. The outcome was no damage whatsoever!

fuel tank survives tornado

This was a large 100 gallon tank used in a border patrol operation. The large tank was part of a  portable, border monitoring tower. Placed in remote locations, it is imperative this tank would be able to run for extended periods of time without any leaks. Any leak had the potential to create a bio-hazardous situation and negatively affect the surrounding agriculture. In other words, it would be a very bad day, and we want to avoid such a situation at all costs. 

One day, a tornado came through, picked up the tank, and deposited it over a mile away. Full of fuel at the time, the tank was found completely unharmed with no leaks. Picked up and at the mercy of this storm, this durable, well-made tank was completely unphased. In this particular case, it was a unique, double walled tank designed specifically for this remote application. 

Our final inspection at Metko includes testing every single tank to be 100% leak free. We do not leave things to chance; each tank and reservoir is tested at 5 PSI. Additionally, each tank is engraved with our etching and ID service, which allows us to maintain diligent warranty tracking.

At Metko, we are specifically approached for the difficult or “impossible” scenarios. Using top grade material, the latest manufacturing technology, and the knowledge of our team, our specialty is meeting and exceeding unique design challenges and rigorous requirements.

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