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Metko custom fabricates quality metallic fuel tanks, hydraulic or hydrostatic reservoirs, and radiator expansion tanks for the transportation industry. Working on mobile off highway equipment and specialty vehicles, we use top grade materials and the latest manufacturing technology to meet your needs.

SUPERIOR Materials

Metko’s tanks and reservoirs can be manufactured from a variety of top grade materials including stainless steel, mild steel, aluminized steel, and aluminum. With this, custom exterior painting and product specific interior linings can be provided.

Thorough Process

From start to finish, we embrace the unique design challenges required for fuel tanks and hydraulic reservoirs. Our comprehensive process guarantees clean interiors for peak performance.

The superior flushing and cleaning process we follow keeps tanks and reservoirs pure. When it comes to hydraulic equipment, the pump, hose, and motor may be immaculate, but if the reservoir is not made with superior quality, the whole system is impacted. Pressure can be lost to micro specs of dirt in the reservoir, causing huge issues in performance. To maintain PSI, we know that purity is essential.

Trusted Inspection

Unique to Metko, our final inspection includes testing not a handful of products but every single product to be 100% leak free. We do not leave things to chance; each tank and reservoir is tested at 5 PSI. Additionally, each tank is engraved with our etching and ID service, which allows us to maintain diligent warranty tracking.

Quality Guarantee

Exceptional quality has and always will be our promise to clients. Metko’s custom metal fabrication capabilities and dedication to remarkable craftsmanship, innovation and quick turnarounds delivers what we like to call the Metko Advantage.

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