Our range of class-leading lasers means: We Can Cut It

We take pride in leveraging cutting edge equipment to bring you the best in quality. Our Laser Department is focused on providing accurate parts with clean and concise edges. We have the capacity and scalability to handle gauge through plate materials. This includes our latest laser, the Fiber Optic FOL AJ laser, the world’s most productive fiber laser cutting system. Our Fiber Laser runs 2-4 times faster than CO2 lasers. With a 3-axis linear drive system, it provides unmatched cut speed, positioning acceleration, and overall accuracy. Our range of lasers allows for distinct advantages:

  • Speed: Respond quickly and adjust to high-mix/low-volume for shorter lead times and faster production
  • Quality: clean, drossless edges – no need for a timesaver!
  • Materials: Mild steel, Aluminum, Galvanized, Stainless Steel, Copper, Titanium, Rubber, Plastics and more!
  • Size: Gauge material through 1.5″ plate


Metko is known as a cutting-edge leader in our industry. Throughout Wisconsin and across the country, we have the distinct honor of holding several technical Firsts in our Laser Department:

First In The World to introduce Amada’s Fiber Optic Laser, allowing for blazing speeds on gauge material.

First In The World to leverage Amada’s 6000 watt laser, bringing excellent cut conditions on thicker materials.

First In The USA to bring a 1500 watt laser into production, bringing “next level” quality and consistency to the market.

First In The USA to adopt proprietary in-house nitrogen generator system for cutting mild steel to reduce product costs.

Strong Partnerships Lead to High Quality

From management all the way to the floor, our team members build strong relationships with our equipment manufacturers based on knowledge-sharing and collaboration. These relationships create a solid foundation for delivering a superior quality product to our customers. Through this, we are able to combine our intricate knowledge and our superior operating techniques to efficiently utilize our cutting-edge lasers like never before.