Maintaining superior quality standards with speed and accuracy.

The FabriVISION Laser is a significant part of Metko’s Quality Matrix. As a proven tool for the validation of sheet metal parts, the FabriVISION Laser provides automatic measurement and digitizing capabilities for quality control through high intensity scanning capabilities.

It compares your part to the original CAD drawings, translates the data into a 2-D diagram, and generates color-coded reports for accuracy. It displays exactly where errors have been made, or it gives the green-light to move forward.

The FabriVISION reduces inspection time, while also increasing the accuracy to guarantee your part is right.


  • Speed: Significantly reduces inspection time through a high-speed, digitized process
  • Value: As an important component of the Metko Quality Matrix, you can feel secure knowing your parts are thoroughly inspected
  • Precision: Samples thousands of points for a true 100% inspection of all part features