Metko Supports Made In The USA

Bringing our manufacturing back to the U.S.

Metko Supports Made In The USA

Reshoring is not a new initiative. Although, with the recent global pandemic affecting supply chains, many are reconsidering the effort. Reshoring is the process of bringing production and manufacturing goods back to be made in the USA rather than relying on foreign countries to sell goods to the U.S. market.

With many prioritizing cost, just-in-time production, and forecasting strategies, the global pandemic crisis has put an immediate strain on those who partake in offshoring. As we move to life during the pandemic and post-pandemic, we invite you to explore manufacturing options within the U.S.  

“There are many reasons for American manufacturers to reevaluate offshoring and consider reshoring. Companies are increasingly recognizing that costs, risks and strategic impacts previously ignored are large enough to overcome the shrinking emerging market wage advantages. They are seeing the benefits of proximity, i.e. producing in the market, especially when the home market is the U.S., still the world’s largest.” –Why Reshore?

Bringing our manufacturing back to the U.S. could create millions of jobs, stabilize supply chains, increase product quality, shorten lead times, decrease or eliminate the need for safety stock and reinvigorate a stumbling economy. 

At Metko Inc., we believe in and wholeheartedly support our fellow ‘Made in the USA’ companies and their efforts to bring production back to the states.

If you are looking for a strategic supplier partner, we would love the opportunity! With our team, technology, drive and innovation, we are fully equipped to support your efforts. Request a quote or contact us at

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