Rigorous product and part testing maintains our renowned quality, using the Metko Quality Matrix (MQM).

Designed from 40 years of industry-leading experience from our production professionals combined with cutting-edge technology, this proprietary process ensures every product we deliver is of the highest caliber. From pre-production to delivery, each product follows the MQM process of innovative quality tests, inspections, and samples.

When it comes to tanks and reservoirs, the MQM-Tank process includes 100% pressure-testing and cleaning to guarantee leak-free products.

Every step of the way, Metko’s dedication to quality is integrated into your product.

The MQM process includes verifying parts with FabriVISION. The innovative technology takes the engineered DXF file and compares it to a physical scan of the part using lasers and optics.  The end result is a hyper accurate reading of the part and a very simple, color coded report displaying which edges are in tolerance. If it’s red, it does not meet your expectations and we need to make a production adjustment.  If it’s green, it’s good to go!

For the final phase, each product receives a final quality-assurance inspection by a member of our dedicated team. This detailed, hands-on approach ensures all products do not leave Metko until we know it is of the highest quality.