Metko’s tanks and reservoirs can be manufactured from a variety of top-grade materials – Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Aluminized Steel, and Aluminum. Custom exterior painting and product specific interior linings can be provided.

Regardless of the material you choose, all tanks and reservoirs are 100% pressure-tested and undergo our superior proprietary cleaning and flushing process.

Aluminum is more often preferred for two main reasons: Weight Reduction and Less Corrosion. Aluminum is the lightest of all materials, reducing weight for the overall component. Weight reduction is one of the most widely accepted strategies for reducing fuel consumption, which can save in the long-run. Aluminum is also far less susceptible to corrosion – both inside and out – and therefore can provide a  long-lasting tank or reservoir.


Aluminized steel provides excellent corrosion resistance from internal moisture condensation and petroleum based or synthetic fuels and hydraulic fluids. Conforming to ASTM A-463 Type 1, T1-25 aluminized steel has a coating of .25 oz. per square foot and a thickness of approximately .50 (mils) on both sides of an economical mild steel sheet.


Stainless Steel is the most cost-effective option. Steel’s undeniable strength for severe applications and manufacturing flexibility makes it a tried-and-true choice. A wide variety of alloys are available – most prefer Type 304. Steel tanks and reservoirs are internally fogged with anti-corrosion oil for additional protection.