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Custom Metal Fabrication

Custom metal fabrication with Metko delivers quality and precision. With tight tolerances and on-time delivery, Metko provides unique product configurations, standardized product, and premium showcase pieces. 

Metko specializes in fabrication of 1/4″ and lighter sheet metal, with capabilities to cut up to 1-1/8″ thick. Our metal fabrication equipment is high tech, leading-edge, and lets us manufacture almost any shape. 

Utilizing top-model programs and effective nesting and production techniques, Metko delivers high quality products at the most cost effective price. Our team is also able to efficiently minimize the amount of scrap material used by taking full advantage of our leading-edge equipment. No matter the project, our innovative drive proposes many advantages.


Flexible production and assembly platforms give us the ability to provide design assistance. We can help build your custom metal fabricated product and assemblies to a wide variety of quantities and specifications. Metko can assist with solving complex problems for nearly any custom fabrication need. 

Additionally, our Kanban lean manufacturing order system gets products to you when they are needed. Kanban stops over-productions and reduces inventory and storage costs.

Custom Metal Fabrication Equipment

Metko’s investment in leading edge equipment gives us a full range of custom metal fabrication capabilities. Rolling, forming, welding, laser cutting, turret punching, PEM insertion, and assembly gets fully assembled products to your door on-time. In particular, our investment in fiber-optic laser cutters produces products with clean edges, can handle gauge through 1 ⅛ inch plate material, and runs at significantly higher speeds.

Top-Grade Materials

Using top-grade materials, we can fabricate mild steel, stainless steel, galvanized or galvannealed steel, aluminum, and aluminized material. We also fabricate copper, brass, and titanium. Whatever your custom metal fabrication needs may be, we will work with you to handle the materials that are best suited for the job.

Finishing and Treatments

Metko offers anodizing, e-coating, heat-treating, polishing, burnishing, painting, plating, and packaging. Your standard run or full assemblies will have all the additional capabilities handled by Metko. Even the packaging gives your products and assemblies a professional finish.

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