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Value Added Services

Metko’s value added services are a unique, in-house offering that makes us competitive. PEM insertion, assembly, and engraving/ID etching allows us to operate efficiently and effectively to deliver superior quality parts at a high level of satisfaction.

  • PEM Insertion is a solution to your fastener needs with a competitive edge. To guarantee part-to-part uniformity, we can store a program for your component, which cuts down lead time and gets your product to you even faster.

  • To ensure quality, our machines automatically check fastener length. By inserting up to four different fasteners in one handling, we effectively gain a productivity boost to perform and complete the job quickly. Precision is also achieved as our software interfaces with our operating platform for job versatility and customization.

  • Quality, speed, precision
  • Our services don’t stop once your product is manufactured. As a full-service custom metal fabricator, Metko has the in-house capabilities to assemble components to your precise specifications. We deliver fully assembled products. There is no need to ship products to and from multiple locations, which saves both time and money. For a variety of scopes and sizes, we have the expertise to simplify and streamline the process.
  • Our assembly team follows rigorous specifications, while also relying on years of experience and intricate knowledge to meet and exceed your expectations. Once we finish your assembly, we provide careful, cost-effective packaging and shipping to guarantee that the integrity of your products are protected.


  • Metko’s ID computer-driven etching service provides superior quality warranty tracking and product verification. With the precise capabilities to engrave your name, the date produced, and the product numbers on each and every piece, we help you maintain the performance and integrity of important piece components. This value added service is also beneficial for quality assurance purposes. It allows our team to include traceability measures, which in return, gives us the ability to know exactly which mill was utilized for production.

Industries Served

With 50 years of dedicated experience, Metko has served a variety of industries, including agriculture, automotive, cleaning and sanitation, construction, electrical, fitness, food service, governmental, grounds care, industrial, lighting, medical, OEM, packaging, security, transportation, utility, vending, paper, mining, and military.

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ISO 9001:2015

As an ISO 9001 certified company, we can guarantee superior quality and strictly adhere to our proprietary “Drive” quality process. This proprietary process is a hands-on approach to ensure every product we deliver is of the highest caliber. From pre-production to delivery, each product follows “The Drive” for innovative quality tests, inspections and samples.

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