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Metko’s blanking department

Metko’s blanking department hosts a range of class leading lasers and turret punching, which means we can cut any metal. We are industry leaders and hold a number of industry firsts. Our solid industry foundation, intricate equipment knowledge, and superior operating techniques effectively allows us to utilize our cutting edge lasers like never before.

  • We take pride in leveraging cutting edge equipment to bring our customers the best in quality. Our laser department is focused on providing accurate products with clean and concise edges. We have the capacity and scalability to handle gauge through 1.25” plate materials including mild steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, titanium, rubber, plastics, and more. Our latest laser, the ENSIS 9000 watt fiber laser, is the world’s most productive fiber laser cutting system. Our fiber laser runs two to four times faster than CO2 lasers, it provides unmatched cut speed, positioning acceleration, and overall accuracy.

  • Our range of operating lasers gives us the capability to respond quickly and adjust to high-mix/low-volume for shorter lead times and faster production. Finished edges are clean and drossless – no need for a deburring operation. From beginning to end, our lasers maximize efficiency.
  • Versatile and vital to fabrication, turret punches are our workhorses to get the job done. 

  • Using advanced turret punch equipment and specializing in high-speed production of short-run sheet metal parts allows us to complete many parts in a single set-up.

  • Metko leverages our turrets to do more than just punching. We can also form, emboss, print, stamp, extrude, and custom form any shape. 

  • Turret punches offer a number of advantages. Additionally, precision is achieved through CNC controlling for maximum degree of accuracy while operating at a high speed that does not compromise quality. Our automatic tool lubrication contributes to preventing sliver generation, eliminating additional finishing needs. It is these fine details that make a difference.


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Industries Served

With 50 years of dedicated experience, Metko has served a variety of industries, including agriculture, automotive, cleaning and sanitation, construction, electrical, fitness, food service, governmental, grounds care, industrial, lighting, medical, OEM, packaging, security, transportation, utility, vending, paper, mining, and military.

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As an ISO 9001 certified company, we can guarantee superior quality and strictly adhere to our proprietary “Drive” quality process. This proprietary process is a hands-on approach to ensure every product we deliver is of the highest caliber. From pre-production to delivery, each product follows “The Drive” for innovative quality tests, inspections and samples.

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