Metko Boot Camp

New Hire Training:

Metko Boot Camp

At Metko, we set new hires up for success by aligning them with a mentor for one-on-one guidance and training. It is our own version of boot camp, one with no push-ups or endless amounts of running. Instead, this two week boot camp completely immerses new employees into our metal fabrication operations. 

Metko New Hire Boot Camp

New hires will learn all there is to know about being an employee at Metko and what it takes to be a highly qualified and skilled fabricator. This tailored training program prepares new employees and covers various topics such as facility layout, who’s who, quality, computer usage and the properties of metal.  

Ultimately, it brings new hires up to speed quickly and in a consistent manner. In the long run, this builds a strong, talented workforce and provides us the edge and quality customers deserve.

To date, three generations have forged Metko’s quality driven culture. With training programs in place like our new hire boot camp, Metko will continue to be a driving force of precision, reliability and superior quality. 

Driven by Quality. Measured by Your Success.

Our exclusive Metko process provides the expertise and capabilities to serve your needs and expectations. Request a quote today, or contact us directly at If you are interested in joining our team, please visit our career page. 

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