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Thank you for applying to Metko! Complete the form below to apply. If you have a resume, there is a spot near the middle of the form for you to upload your resume.  The  sections entitled “Personal Information” and “Job Information” are required even with a resume.

Before you begin make sure you have your job and education history available to complete this form.

If not, your employment will be subject a work permit and/or verification of state and federal laws for the position you are applying for.

Convictions and charges are NOT an automatic dismissal from employment at Metko.

Job Information

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If applying for a welding position, please rate your experience with the following skills

For some positions, it may be required that an individual possess certain physical capabilities. Answer the below questions which you feel reflect the physical activities in which you can routinely engage without harm to yourself or team members. Answering these questions do not disqualify you from consideration.

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Do you have any physical limitations which you feel may relate to the work for which you are applying?

Resume Upload

If you have a resume, you may upload it here. Ensure your resume contains your personal information, education background and past work experience. If your resume does contain this information, you do not need to complete the rest of this application and can jump down to the Certification section below. Thank you!

Accepts PDF and DOC/DOCX files.


Please list the Technical School, College or University, or other schools you have attended.

Describe any education or training you had which is not covered above, such as certificates, specialized trainings, vocational school, correspondence courses, service schools, in-service training, or volunteer work that you feel is relevant to the job or jobs for which you are applying. Also include relevant licenses or certificates.

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Work Experience

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I certify that my application I have provided to Metko Inc. as part of this application along with any resume or other material submitted by me for employment consideration is true, complete, and without omissions or misleading statements. I understand that my applicant may be rejected or my employment may be terminated because of false, misleading, or omitted information, regardless of the time that may have elapsed between furnishing the information and the discovery by Metko Inc.

I authorize Metko Inc. to inquire into my education, professional and past employment history with references as needed to determine my qualifications and suitability for employment. I hereby give my consent to any former employer or educational institution to provide academic or employment related information about me to Metko Inc. This includes any pertinent information they may have, personal or otherwise, and I release all parties from all liability for any damage that may result from furnishing this information.

I understand that I may be required to pass a pre-employment drug test and that my Social Security number must be validated. I further acknowledge that certain positions with Metko Inc. may also require a confirmation that I am licensed to drive a motor vehicle, and that Metko Inc. may check my credit, civil and criminal records, and may verify my address. I consent freely and voluntarily to participate in the required drug test, and I consent to the release of the results to Metko Inc. I hereby release and hold harmless Metko Inc. from any liability whatsoever arising from the drug test and/or background checks and decisions concerning employment based upon the results of these tests and checks. I also understand that, if Metko Inc. uses a third party to conduct any background check(s) about me, then Metko Inc. and/or that third party will provide additional disclosures and authorizations to me before conducting such background check(s).

I understand that nothing in this employment application, the granting of an interview, or possible subsequent employment offer is intended to create an employment contract between Metko Inc. and me. If hired, I will be an “Employee at Will” which means Metko Inc. may release me at any time for any reason with or without cause, and I am likewise free to leave at any time for any reason. I understand that no representative of Metko Inc. other than the President or Chief Executive Officer has any authority to enter into any agreement for employment that contradicts or modifies the foregoing in any manner, and any such agreement must be in writing and signed by the President or Chief Executive Officer.

If hired, I agree to conform to rules, regulations, and policies that Metko Inc. may periodically issue, withdraw, or modify.