Metko Inc. was founded as a custom metal fabrication shop in 1971. Metko purchased a product line of feeders and conveyors in 1976 to meet a growing need in the dairy market. The business grew, making Metko a major player in dairy, conveying and feeding equipment production.



In the 1980’s, the agricultural market started to decline. Metko had the vision and courage to make major investments in equipment used in custom fabrication. We were the first in the USA to bring a 1500 watt laser into production, knowing that technology would shape the future. We focused on producing products and parts of superior quality for a wide range of customers, from food service to medical equipment.

Our plant nearly doubled in size in 2006, making room for cutting-edge equipment to increase our capabilities, which included our latest divison, SPECIALTY Tank & ReservoirTM. Since 2004, this division combines our custom fabrication expertise and superior quality standards in the transportation industry.

In 2009,  we added a state-of-the-art CNC F1 6K laser. Shortly after, in 2010, we added Amada’s state-of-the-art fiber optic laser, the FOL-AJ. The combinations of our two new lasers increased our capabilities and our customer base. In 2014, our momentum continued as we again expanded our capabilities by implementing leading-edge production management software.

We are known for being early adaptors of new technology and equipment to create efficiencies and cost-savings that can be passed to our customers. We become experts in application long before some items become industry standard, such as using forklifts with opportunity-charging instead of LP gas.

Our innovation extends to our internal methods, equipment, and training. For example, our innovative racking system protects our top-grade raw materials to guarantee premium quality right from the start. We continously look for ways to increase our knowledge of the industry and apply it to all our projects for the success of our customers.


We believe in knowledge-sharing and collaborating within the industry. We work with business and vendor partners to make smarter, efficient decisions to benefit all involved in projects.

As perpetual students of the industry, we remain open to new technology, ideas, and methods that will benefit our most important asset, our customers. We consistently seek to strengthen our competitive edge to ensure you receive unmatched quality and expertise.

Metko remains true to our roots by being driven by superior quality in all facets of production. We will continue to strive for unparalleled excellence to lead into the future.